What I Learned About Photography from a Day Trip to Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is known for its iconic J-trees, jumbo rocks, and starry nights. The great thing about Joshua Tree if you're a SoCal native is that it is easily accessible with a car. It's a great place for a weekend adventure, and this past weekend my friend Andrew and I spontaneously decided to drive there... Continue Reading →


Escondido Falls

Have you heard the term, "weekend warrior?" Some of you may know a person who fits this term. A weekend warrior is someone who saves all of their energy for the weekend and then BAM! Once Friday hits, they're gone somewhere. Mountain biking, kayaking, or a weekend warrior may even be doing something like a... Continue Reading →


  I was thinking about you. Of long walks to the top of the world. Seductive sips of coffee. Of visits to the harbor. Splintering chopsticks, And eating sushi Running through L.A To the Japanese garden Skipping lines. The Broad Flying in Santa Monica At the speed of a Ferris Wheel Intertwined Like jellyfish In... Continue Reading →

When We Were Young

I’ve seen the hazy smoke gather above the pilgrims. Smoke created by the communion shared between the people. Green communion named Pineapple Express, Super Lemon Haze, and Panama Gold.

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